You can not miss out a few things if You are looking for programs in Budapest!

Luckily we are among those things according to travel agencies, tour organisers.

According to Tripadvisor https://www.tripadvisor.co.hu/Attractions-g274887-Activities-Budapest_Central_Hungary.html , the Parliament building is the first sight to check in Budapest. With us, You can have a unique point of view wich is also perfect fo taking pictures of the whole building.

The fourth advice on that page are the Shoes on the Danube promenade which is a Jewish memorial from the World War II.It is close to the Parliament so You will not miss that on our boats either.

The sixth is the Danube itself. I think this does not need any explanations. Come and enjoy the cruise and we can take You to the Danube bend to see cities like Szentendre http://iranyszentendre.hu/en/ ,Visegrád http://www.visegrad.hu/turizmus-1 ,Esztergom http://www.esztergom.hu/wps/portal///english?menuid=ADMR-6WPSJ5&docid=PISI-6WMFGD and Zebegény.

The bridges of our city take an important part of our scenery. The 8th offer is to check out the Chain Bridge. We can show it to You from quite close:-) as all of the bridges of Budapest: http://www.budapest.com/city_guide/attractions/bridges_in_budapest.en.html

Here http://welovebudapest.com/budapest.and.hungary/top.10.things.to.do.in.budapest.1 You can also read about the Danube bank, the bridge and the night view of the city which is “simply magical”.

The Lonely planet http://www.lonelyplanet.com/hungary/budapest/things-to-do/top-things-to-do-in-budapest also list the previously listed things as “must to see in Budapest” sights.

On http://www.budapest101.com You can find several programs in Budapest for You. We are part of their Night Tour. With them, You can visit ruin pubs, taste wines and beers and the typical street food, discover street art and cruise with our water limousines to see the city lit up.

I hope we could give You a few tips and prove to You that our service can include a few of the top attractions of Budapest. So book your trip now!
For the beautiful pictures thanks to Pál Gergely Botond, who can make Your cruise unforgettable with a photo gallery. http://www.g2foto.hu/#/category_3_zoom/image2

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