The frosty winter and the debacle put  DunaTaxit to the test on its first January on the Danube


Hungary has been hit by rarely seen winter weather in recent days. Especially the Central and Northern parts of the country are struggling with extremely deep freeze…(Source:Frozen Hungary)


Meanwhile the DunaPort Ltd.’s new department, DunaTaxi ( http://dunataxi.hu/ )  was created to offer whole year service for the guests who like the private sightseeing cruises. In January 2017 we had to take a break because of the debacle.


Actually, there are 2-3 weeks in every year when there are a few ice plates on the river and the minus celsius degree is not rare at all. But just a few people can remember the time when the Danube was frozen totally between its banks.


It even happened that the ice was so thick they could stand on the river.  According to different tales, one of our kings in the 15th century, Mathias Hunyadi was chosen for coronation by the people of Budapest standing on the Danube.


The last time when the river was frozen across as much so people could stand on it was in 1963, 54 years ago.


The floating ice pieces  has a bad prognostication by the words of the Danube banks’ residents. The reason is the ice coming from the northern parts of the river around spring.  As this arrives at the Carpathian basin, the ice tables accumulate and this crushed ice shells as a barricade flow forward crushing everything on its way.


Pictures: http://dunaiszigetek.blogspot.hu/


Fortunately, the cold winter is over and the spring is almost here.
DunaTaxi is back to the Danube, cruising with our guests and the two water limousines-Lakmusz and Unicum- are waiting for the customers who want an unforgettable cruise!
The Danube is our highway! Just without ice…

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