Budapest by Day

Without a question, Budapest is most beautiful when viewed from the River Danube. Thanks to its exceptional geographic setting, you can enjoy the nature, the Buda hills, the river and the architecture: the historical city center, the panorama – a World Heritage site -, and the business center. During a Dunarama boat trip, you will see the House of Parliament, the Royal Castle, the Gellért Hill and our famous university campuses. Have a closer look at the famous bridges of the Danube, the developing cultural center with the National Theatre and the Palace of Arts. Take a break and walk around the biggest park of Budapest on the Margaret Island, or on the Batthány Square, just a few steps away from the Castle District.

Budapest by Night

Budapest is amazing by night, one of the most beautifully lit capitals of Europe. From a luxury water limousine, the glowing view of the city will surely make an unforgettable impression on tourists and locals alike.

Water Transfer

During rush hours, water limousine guarantees that you will reach your desination fast and in style – a real alternative to taxi cabs. Avoid traffic jams with Dunarama’s water limousine! By using our water limousine service at a 50 km per hour speed, you are able to reach any destination in just minutes. Within Budapest or its metro area, the water limousine is an excellent commute option for the managers and employees of industry parks, offices, companies and their partners along the river. We offer the Dunarama water limousine service as a special program to our corporate partners, combined with a lunch or dinner at riverside restaurants with a special atmosphere. Contact us to make an advance reservation for the water limousine service.

Base Harbors in Budapest
Dock 8/A – Jane Haining rkp. 8A harbor

Riverside Nightclubs

Several pubs and discos have chosen the bank of the Danube as their base, including the A38 Ship, Zöld Pardon, RIO, or the popular places of the Margaret Island, or the Sziget (The Island) Festival. Choose a special and handy way to access these locations: arrive at the party by a Dunarama boat!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Memorable and cool parties. Arrive at your destination by a Dunarama boat! Finding an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, cool party idea should not give you a headache. Have an awesome party on a dashing Dunarama water limousine! The great atmosphere is guaranteed and we welcome you and your friends with a glass of champagne.

Sun Boat Trip

Sunrise and sunset have a special charm, especially by the river. Quiet, laid back mornings and pulsing, romantic nights in the heart of Budapest will enrich you with a special sunrise or sunset memory on our luxury boats.

Engagements & Weddings

Nothing is more romantic than saying ‘I do’ under the glamorous nightlights of the Danube on the board of a Dunarama luxury water limousine. And if you are already planning your wedding, we offer a water transfer or a romantic setting for taking your wedding photos.


Szentendre is the town of artists, painters, churches, art galleries, narrow streets and alleys. Indulge yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere of the Danube and a take a seat in one of the numerous cozy restaurants and cafes. On the way back, recall the best moments of the day while listening to your favorite music and sipping a glass of champagne. Let your imagination soar!

Visegrád and Esztergom

Dunarama’s water limousine is available every day of the week by request. Enjoy the rocking or speeding on the River Danube and let yourself be fascinated by the magnificence of the Visegrád Castle, the Roman Catholic heritage of Esztergom or the scenery of Szentendre. Get a splendid view of the surrounding mountains from the terraces of the Visegrád Castle (a royal residence in the past). The Esztergom Cathedral (the Basilica), which is the seat of the Hungarian Catholic Church, can also be found in Esztergom.

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