We started our service in 2010 with one, a Dunarama 30 type boat, which was created for our needs, based on the examples in Venice. Our crew that time was only 4 people.


The boat was named Lakmusz, the Hungarian name of the litmus paper used for examining the water’s ph level. It was the first attempt to examine the Danube if it was needed this kind of service or not.

Our crew on board that time was Captain “Mustang”, a retired water police officer, who spent his life on the Danube and his young and passionate sailor Máté. They both have the qualifications required by law and responsible for the safety and the comfort of the Guest on board. Nevertheless, the Passenger shall keep all their instructions after stepping onto the board of our water limousine.

For two years, they managed all of our tours, with endless stamina after the long night cruises and next morning early Danube bend tours. Based on the Guest’s requests they created different music lists for the different need, events and also invented a few show elements to the cruise.

Thanks to their experience and professionalism, we received a lot of happy feedbacks and many Guests had unforgettable cruises during these 2 years.

Second water limousine

For the season of 2012, realising the increasing need for this service here in Budapest, we built another boat, Unicum, which was created by the previous observations. The interior of this boat was designed for example with more attention on the luxurious, comfortable seats.With the two boats, we could manage tours for bigger groups so we provided greater capacity for our Passengers. During this period we had an assistant captain and Botond, who is the owner and the man of ideas at the company.They were driving the new boat.

Luckily we had very busy years, more and more people got to know our service in the hotels and travel agencies. From 2014, we started to operate a guaranteed Szentendre tour for the weekend days.

Our crew is growing

For 2015, we needed another regular captain, so Taki and his old friend Zoli joined the team as the Unicum’ s permanent crew. They have been working together for 20 years in the transportation business so they have many experiences in hospitality. Also this year, Máté obtained the qualifications of being a captain, so You can meet with him at that position as well.

This is our main team on the Danube. All of them are well prepared, experienced people, You can trust them without hesitation during Your cruise. We are in 2016 but now I can not show here the pictures of the first day on the Danube because it was not a simple event. A shooting team was curious about that and participated the process, so I will present those photos and videos when they are ready.

But to return to my main subject, we are on the water every day so do not hesitate to call us!

*Ohh and I almost forget. I would happily share a piece of information with You for 2016. We have not stopped to improve our service this year either. So stay tuned for the new surprise!

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Have a nice day!

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