Ports in Budapest

Ports in Budapest

The most important ports in Budapest close to offices, cultural centers, party places and restaurants.

  • Római part

    Where you can take a walk at the bank of the Danube. The ultimate holiday place in Budapest with boathouses and barbecue.

    Holiday Beach Hotel, Aquamarina Hotel and Event Boat, Csónakház Pub

  • Prestige Towers

    Yacht harbour, greenbelt, and the home of your dreams.

    Melba Restaurant and Port

  • Hajógyári sziget

    Sziget Festival

  • Hajógyári öböl

    Wiking Yacht Club

  • Árpád híd

    Rozmaring Kertvendéglő

  • Margitsziget

    Wiking Yacht Club, Grand Hotel Margitsziget

  • Margitsziget-Fountain


  • Szent István park

    A park with a great atmosphere in Újlipótváros, and nice cafes in the neighbourhood.

    Vogue Pontoon Restaurant

  • Batthyány tér

    Admire the beautiful view of the Parliament, and the Castle District is only a few steps from here.

    Wiking Yacht Club, Európa Ship

  • Vigadó tér 11.

    After landing, you can take a walk at the Dunakorzó of Pest.

  • Várkert Kaszinó

  • Petőfi híd - Buda side

    A38 ship, a cult place and a concert hall.